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A love again - Savage

Zannzibar - Helen

Tubular afair - Samoa park

Radio - Savage

Comancero - Moonray

Napoleon - Lee Young

Another song - Music service

Lost in the night(Italian rmx) - Costas

Warrior - Ricky Maltese

Rythm - Hi level

In Zaire - Round one

Aliens(rmx) - Radiorama

I can't get enough - Prime time

Under the ice - Topo and Roby

Lancelot - V.Dore

Sympony - Xenon

Co operation - M=P.B.

Catch the fox - D.Harrow

Vampires - Radiorama

Sunlight - M Like moon



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Dead Pop Stars



EBN (Ned Lieben from EBN-OZN)
Tragically, pop keyboardist, Ned Lieben, died of a massive heart attack in his home while having breakfast with his wife
and four year old son. He is best known for his work with New Wave band EBN-OZN
and their hit AEIOU And Sometimes Y. and 70s band, Riff Raff.
He was also a studio musician who worked with band such as Scritti Politti. DOB:??/??/52 DOD: 2/18/98

Benjamin Orr (The Cars)
In the late 70s & early 80s, this American New Wave Rock group topped the charts with over twelve Top 40 hits.

Ben, bassist and sometimes lead vocalist for The Cars

passed away on October 5, 2000

of inoperable pancreatic cancer. He was 53 years old.


Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Carleton Barrett, Junior Braithwaite and Joe Higgs (Wailers)
Bob Marley passed away of cancer at age 36 on May 11, 1980, which would be the first in a string of Wailers related deaths.

Carleton Barrett was murdered on April 17, 1987 and that same year,

Peter Tosh was also murdered on September 9.

Twelve years later, Junior Braithwaite was murdered on June 2, 1999

and later that year, Joe Higgs died on December 18 of cancer.


Curtis Mayfield
Legendary R&B soulman passed away this year at the age of 57.

He was born June 3, 1942 in Chicago, IL.

One of the founding fathers of funk, this Superfly passed away on December 26, 1999. He will forever be sorely missed.
Dusty Springfield
In the 60s, Dusty was one of the hippest ladies around. In the 80s, she paired up with Synthpop geniuses The Pet Shop Boys,

 to record the song, "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" She passed away on March 2, 1999 of breast cancer. She was born on April 16, 1939.
In 1957, he was born Hans Holzl in Austria. In the late 70s he would take his stage name Falco from the name of a German Olympic skier.

He was killed in a auto accident. DOB: 2/19/57 DOD: 2/6/98

London Boys

(Edem Ephraim and Dennis Fuller)

Edem Ephraim and Dennis Fuller of The London Boys, were both killed in a car crash in The Alps on 21st Jan 1996,also killed Edem's wife, Bettina.


Glenn Hughes (Village People)
The mustached biker of legendary disco group, The Village People, Hughes passed away of lung cancer on March 4, 2001.

He was born on July 18, 1950.


Jerome Smith (KC & The Sunshine Band)
Former rhythm guitarist for KC & The Sunshine band, he was crushed to death by a bulldozer he was operating after accidentally falling off of it. Performed on the hit songs "That's The Way (I Like It)" and "Get Down Tonight."

He passed away on August 2, 2000.

Jimmy McShane (Baltimora)

No one remembers the name of the song, or the band name and certainly not Jimmy, however, his song Tarzan Boy is to this day one of the most beloved 80s pop songs.

He died from AIDS in the mid 80s

and in the mid 90s his song "Tarzan Boy" had a resurgence

when Listerine used the chorus for one of their commercials.


Kirsty MacColl
Singer and songwriter, Kirsty penned the song, "They Don't Know," which became a hit for Tracey Ullman in the mid-80s.

She was killed when a boat struck her while swimming off the coast of Mexico. Born Oct 10, 1959. Died Dec 18, 2000.


Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye, not necessarily an 80s artist per se, he had just returned to the pop charts with Sexual Healing. When an argument over an insurance claim found him on the wrong side of of a gun. His father, the Reverend Marvin Gay, Sr. shot and killed him one day before his 45th birthday. DOB: 4/02/39 DOD: 4/01/1984


Michael Hutchence (INXS)
Suicide? Auto-erotic strangulation?

INXS lead-singer Michael Hutchence committed suicide

by hanging himself inside his hotel room in at the Ritz Carlton in Sydney Australia on the morning of November 22nd, 1997.

In preparation for their 20th anniversary tour, the rest of the members of the band waited for his arrival at the rehearsal studio.

DOB: 1/22/60 DOB: 11/22/97

Paula Yates - (The Tube)
Ex wife of Band Aid coordinator Bob Geldof

and girlfriend of the deceased Michael Hutchence (INXS),

Paula passed away on September 17, 2000. Although the coroners reports have declared her death inconclusive,

it was initially believed her death was caused

by an accidental overdose of alcohol and heroin. She was 41.


Paul Young - (Mike + The Mechanics)
Born June 17, 1947 in Manchester, England,

Paul Young was the lead singer for Mike + the Mechanics,

which also featured Mike Rutherford of Genesis fame.

He died on July 15, 2000 in Cheshire, England from a heart attack.


Rick James
He was the freakiest of the Super Freaks, mixing Punk with Funk and Rock and Jazz.

He passed away on August 6, 2004 of natural causes at the age of 56.


Rob Buck (10,000 Maniacs)

Lead guitarist for the band Still Life, which would later become 10,000 maniacs.

Robert Buck succumbed to Liver failure on December 19, 2000.


Rob Fisher (Naked Eyes)
Rob Fisher (Born November 5, 1959) and his bandmate Pete Byrne would hit Pop charts in both the US and UK with songs "Always Something There to Remind Me" and "Promises Promises" in the early 80s. Rob passed away on August 25, 1999 resulting from complications after stomach surgery.


Rob Pilatus (Milli Vanilli)
From Top of the chart euphoria to utter disgrace when forced to give back his Best New Artist Grammy in 1990, Rob Pilatus was the apparent victim of the overdose of alcohol and drugs on April 2, 1998.

DOB: 6/8/64 DOD: 4/2/98


Robert Palmer
As a solo artist or with his band Power Station, Robert Palmer

lit up the 80's with a string of hits including "Simply Irresistable," "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and "Addicted to Love."

He passed away on September 26, 2003 after suffering from a heart attack.

He was born January 19, 1949.


Roger and Larry Troutman (Zapp)
Brothers of the 80s Funk group Zapp penned hit songs, "I Want To Be Your Man" and "More Bounce to the Ounce" in the 80s.

They both died on April 25, 1999 when Larry shot his brother and then turned the gun on himself.


Roger Troutman II (Zapp, Mint Condition, Jam & Lewis)
The son of the Late Roger Troutman, he appeared with Zapp,

Mint Condition and worked with the legendary Jam & Lewis,

Roger T. Lynch (aka Roger Troutman II) passed away on 1-22-2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

from a head injury suffered several months back. He was born 1-31-1970.

His songs include "Can U Deal With This" and "Give It To You.")




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